6 Preguntas con Teresa Dovalpage

Una entrevista que me hace mi amiga y maestra Joan Livingston en su sitio web.

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“6 Preguntas con Teresa Dovalpage.”

Tan feliz con esta entrevista, y todo lo que aprendí con la Joan.

Del website de Joan Livingston:

Teresa Dovalpage is the next author to appear in this 6Ws series. I do have a confession to make. Not only is Teresa a talented writer in English and Spanish, she is one of my dearest friends. As you can read from her answers, she is a lot of fun.

Her latest book is Death Comes in through the Kitchen, published by Soho Crime. It is a mystery set in Cuba, her country of origin, which puts an interesting twist on the story. And for foodies there are recipes for great Cuban dishes.

Here are Teresa’s responses to my 6Ws — who, what, when, where, how, and why. (How does end with a W.)

Who is author Teresa Dovalpage?

A Cuban transplant to New Mexico. A quirky chica. A novelist and a college professor at NMJC.

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